"Can I recommend Jaguar specialist Horner & Hudson in Macclesfield. Mike Horner is a level 4 Jaguar Master technician. I have used Horner & Hudson on a number of occasions for routine/preventative work and problem solving on my XK8. I have found their approach to problem solving to be logical and well thought out such that they have been able to identify and remedy problems properly and quickly. For example, I recently had my car undersealed and shortly afterwards got an ABS and DSC system failure indicated. It happened that I was passing a main dealer and as the car was still covered by a Jaguar Approved warranty I took the car in for them to look at. I was told the car needed a new ABS sensor and wiring harness. As the car was booked in at Horner & Hudson for other work, I asked them to have a look at the ABS/DSC issue. The problem was identified as a bit of the underseal clogging up 2 teeth on the ABS sensor ring which was easily and cheaply removed thus solving the problem. In other words, by thinking and properly investigating the issue rather than simply swapping out bits until a cure is chanced upon (and bearing in mind the main dealer had been given the same history and had access to similar investigative tools) the real cause of the problem was identified and remedied.
I have seen a variety of Jaguars new and older at H&H and have no hesitation in recommending them. I confirm I have no connection with Horner & Hudson beyond that of satisfied customer".

”Since that post, the car has been back to H&H for its annual service. I have not been caused to change my earlier expressed view of the service I have received and I continue to recommend them”

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